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Why do our customers choose to rent equipment?


Many of our customers find they don’t have the need or the infrastructure to have training rooms and equipment permanently set up. Also the number of personnel to be trained  can fluctuate. Short term hire can save cash time and fuss.

Additional projects

Many business’s find they have a short term project that requires additional equipment  for the duration of that project. That is where Customised PC Hire can easily fill that need and then leave you with no extra equipment when the project is over.


Travel is a big part of doing business in todays global economy. Customised PC Hire can make sure your business has the latest technology that can travel with you.

One off events

Projectors, LCD’s ,Plasma screens . Whatever it takes to make your event have the edge, Customised PC Hire have the equipment and the expertise to pull it all together.


Don’t waste much needed capital on IT equipment. Rent it instead. Cost effective, latest technology and onsite service included. It couldn’t be easier.

The list goes on …….

  • Major sporting events
  • Year end workload (stock takes, etc
  • Facilities for temporary staff
  • Feasibility studies
  • Sales presentations
  • Disaster recovery
  • Service/repair to in-house equipment
  • Promotions/Sales
  • Increased seasonal activity (sales, crop harvesting
  • Setting up a new business or new offices
  • Mergers
  • Elections/political events
  • Conferences and conventions
  • Preference for Off Balance Sheet transactions
  • Temporary Theft replacement